Expectations of the announcement of the phone Mi Mix 3 5G 24 February

Spotted new leaks via Reddit refers to the conference of the Shao law on the 24th of January, where he is expected to progress through the new version of the phone Mi Mix 3 5G that supports the fifth-generation networks.

Besides the versions of the folding of the smart phones, deals with the Giants of the manufacture of the phone is also launch new versions of smart phones that support networks of the fifth generation.

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Has revealed the latest delivery that came in a tweet on Twitter was deleted later, that Shao will be held its next conference on the 24th of February, is expected to be detected Mi Mix 3 5G, where the conference of the Shawnee prior to the start of the World Conference of the handset in Barcelona on 25 February.

It is anticipated that the new model of phone Mi Mix 3 with support for fifth-generation networks coupled with the processor chip Qualcomm possible Snapdragon 855, which supports the Bar season 5G with Qualcomm.

Also expected to submit Shawty chip Snapdragon processor 855 for Mi 9, where it is also likely to be among the announcements Shawty on the 24th of February.


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