Expected price of iPhone 11 next new this year!

With the recent leaks over the past months demonstrated a lot of phones new iPhone which would be about Apple this year: figure the box cameras and rear flash, remove the 3D technology Touch, add a USB-C port, and improve the technical specifications of the interior. But the question is who speaks a lot: when is the release date and how the prices will be. In this article, the answer to this question.

الأسعار المتوقعة لهواتف آيفون 11 الجديدة القادمة هذا العام!

Expected price of iPhone 11 next new this year!

This year we will have three phones a new iPhone is: iPhone 11R and iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max. Those names are the names likely those phones are the successor versions of iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

For the announcement, launch, don’t expect any change to what we get back we have the Apple TV over the past years. The official announcement will be during the first half of the month of September with the launch of new devices in the market beginning from the first half of the month of October.

Prices are also not expected to change from what it is now. IPhone 11R will Version cheaper at a starting price of USD 750 or the equivalent in local currency for your country.

Phones, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max will be available in three capacity storage: 128, 256 and 512 GB. The price of the iPhone 11 will be 1000$ and 1100$ and 1200$ respectively according to the storage. IPhone 11 Max will be the most expensive at about 100$ to be the prices expected 1100$ and 1200$ and 1300$ respectively. Difference between iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max will be in the measurement screen battery capacity with the match in the rest of the specifications.

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