Expected prices and release date for PS5 and XSX

The community of players is currently waiting for the new and anticipated console devices PS5 and Xbox Series X, which are expected to arrive during the month of November, and indeed, the technical specifications of the two devices from the same developers have been revealed, which made us aware of almost all of their details.

What we do not know yet is the price and launch date for both devices, but according to a new report, the Xbox Series X will come in the $ 499 price category, which will be on November 6 specifically, this while we may see the launch of the Xbox Series S version at a price. Only $ 299! It is the lowest in specifications and is not supportive for tablets.

As for the PS5, it will come at a price of $ 399 for the digital version (which does not support discs) compared to $ 499 for the full version, while the two versions will work with the same internal specifications and only the difference will be in the ability to play the disks, and Sony is expected to officially launch the two new devices on November 13. Next.

Source: Gizchina

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