Expected to increase shipments of tablet devices in the second quarter of 2019

Expected to arrange the shipment of tablet devices is estimated at 19.3% during the second quarter of the year 2019, according to research Digitimes, having shrunk by 8.7% in the first quarter, declined by 11.9% on an annual basis.

Will be two major factors in the increase in shipments of tablet devices in the third quarter. The first is the effect of the peak season, which means Apple will announce the iPad new, which in turn will lead to increased shipments, in addition to the contribution of Huawei, which is expected to resume shipments of tablet devices during the same period.

In regard to the performance of the second quarter the weak, the causes lie in the failure to launch the iPad a new market, and the Prohibition of dealing with Huawei. However, it has been Apple in the first place in terms of sales of tablet devices, and Samsung in second place, and Amazon in second place, while Huawei fourth, and retreated Lenovo to fifth place.

It is also expected that the use of tablet devices that are larger than 10 inch in the car on the market with more than 70% of the market share

Source: Digitimes

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