Experience: products Bellroy bags Deluxe with two new eco-friendly

تجربة: منتجات Bellroy من الحقائب الفاخرة بلونين جديدين صديقين للبيئة

Launched the company Bellroy Australian working in the field of bags, purses, luxury leather which is targeting the market of electronic devices and accessories a new range of products by color the new drawing on the materials recycled. eco-friendly. Color the two new are the color of the Marine Blue Marine Blue products from the Nile to the manufacturing of the remnants of industrial products, The Color Dark Red Red Earth which is a group of accessories leather manufactured from leather material eco-friendly recycled also.

Bag side Sling – Baida NylonMarine Blue

الحقيبة الجانبية Sling - Baida Nylon — Marine Blue

Enjoy that bag has a smart design depends on the belts side make its large size and location of many daily accessories and electronic devices, but works on a pressure bag to a smaller size as soon as you carry it on the shoulder. Belts side through a piece of metal magnetic make it easy to carry the bag and her jaw.

The version in blue are new that is made from the Nile to the manufacturing and is fully waterproof what holds the contents of the bag inside from the rain and liquids. As usual, the products BellRoy the quality of the product is excellent but the price is relatively high compared to alternatives that may be available to come this bag is priced at$ 99 USD.

Wallet Folio Leather Red Earth

محفظة Folio الجلدية Red Earth من Bellroy

Use this leather wallet as a substitute for the wallet the conventional small-sized track mobile phone in addition to all the contents of leather purses traditional but with a larger capacity to prevent the tend to breathe a lot of cards and coins and others.

Supplied wallet protection RFID anti theft credit card using the hardware wireless. And features basically these women manufactured of luxurious leather the manufacturing the red color is the main feature of this products, and through our experience of the earlier version for many years of Use did not succeed in spoiling the raw leather used by the company. The question remains if the quality would be good enough reason for you to pay an amount up to 179$ USD is then this is the wallet.

محفظة Folio  الجلدية Red Earth

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