Experience the secret for Google Chrome browser crashes

Led change demo silent by company Google on its Chrome browser this week to leave thousands of devices in enterprises with browsers disabled do not respond.

And continued to business users, who are arriving to the Chrome browser through environments virtual machines like Citrix Citrix, in watching the white screens in the tabs of Chrome open, along with the Prohibition of access to the browser and make it unresponsive.

These problems led to make a lot of CIOs are angry, where you manage companies usually updates Chrome the you, but the sudden change in the behavior of the browser to make them at a loss, which prompted them to flood the support forums of Google.

And had a giant sea, after the submission of the complaints, to reveal that they launched the experience on stable versions of Chrome and other browser behavior, it seems to have forgotten to take into account the use of environments to virtual machines during the deployment experience.

The experiment silently, without warning CIOs or users of the changes Google.

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The experience was about empowering a new feature of the contents of the WebContents source sign tabs Chrome for work temporarily and reduce the use of resources when the browser is not in use.

Andexplained to David while swallow, David Bienvenu, a software engineer at Google, that the experiment was run for 5 months almost, and was run on the stable version, and prior to that was working on approximately one percent of Chrome users 77 and Chrome 78 for a month with no reports of problems.

Fell Google about the change, so in the wake of multiple reports of companies with thousands of users affected, said David: we’re back on the launch of this experiment and try to figure out how to deal with Citrix.

He explained the draft of Information Technology in the Company Costco that trade had a huge impact on all call center agents have with the inability to chat with the members, adding, “We have spent a day and a half trying to figure out what is happening and why”.

Said one of the officials of information technology: we felt that there was something mysterious Where can Google Chrome is updated silently and without advertising for anything that can affect its decision on more than 100 thousand people.

This concerns hundreds of replies in the forum support Google, Twitter, Reddit, along with questions about why Google’s decision to make a change is silent on the Chrome in the first place.

Said one of the officials of Information Technology in response to David while Cyrano: do you see the effect created by the area without any warning or explanation, and do you understand the number of hours the resources that I wasted your experience, adding “We are not the subject of a special test with your company, but we manage professional services programs millions of dollars”.

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