Experience using AirPods Pro. Week with the new.

Not so long ago Apple introduced the AirPods Pro headphones with noise reduction system. About them, many said, and even we just wrote about them, but it is one thing to write about the new product immediately after its arrival on the shelves of virtual stores and quite another to share real feelings. That is why we decided not to boast that we are finally and dry transfer their characteristics in an hour after he took them in his hands, and decided to wait until the WOW effect and share this experience. The time has come!

With this design all music sounds better than before.

The most attentive of our readers have seen that we posted the headphones in our Instagram and talked about them in the podcast, but it was the first impression. We just could not not do it, I wanted to share. Now it’s been almost a week since that moment as the headphones fell into my hands, and I’m ready to tell you everything I think about them. Moreover, I found them a couple of joints.

The contents

What headphones do people use

The fact that I’ve always been a fan of in-ear headphones. Since that time they have begun to replace the ”liners” on shelves, I bought them and began to advise all my friends. During this time, only personal headphones I’ve had more than a dozen of different models and price ranges, not to mention those that I used at work.

Then I really wanted a serious threshold and I started to use Bose QC 35II. When I went with them in my pocket has always been a common AirPods. The fact that there are scenarios that simply cannot be replaced. For example, answer call or a quick listen in a quiet place. But if this place is still hot for full-size headphones, they do not have prices. However, I have always been not basic, but rather additional headphones. You can imagine how I became interested in the new product after it became known about its release. That is why I was very afraid to be disappointed in the first impression.

The first impression of AirPods Pro

My first impression was somewhat mixed AirPods. I opened the box, took out the headphones, put them in her ears and realized that it was the usual ”gag”. But, I only had to think about it, I heard the noise reduction and was pleasantly surprised. To her we shall return.

The classic box from the AirPods.

This time it is not forgotten to mark as a Pro.

Boxing, despite the new opening seemed very familiar. If it expands in the form it is very similar to the box from the previous generation, only offer otherwise. The headphones now look at each other and not in different directions, as it was before. However remove them while more complicated than in the previous generation — get used to it. Previously, deepen was immediately prompted a earphone where to put it. Now, if you are placed in case immediately out of your ears, first is a light stupor.

Get headphones much easier than before. No need to pinch them with your fingers, to put one earphone popped and doing other ritualistic things. Now simply tilt the headset on and it immediately turns in the hand. I at once guessed that, although many do not understand this logic, but after my explanation, he agreed that the way to get headphones from the box.

From such a case to get headphones really convenient.

The next step I naturally tried to unfasten the sleeves. The videos that I watched before, I thought they would fall off, but it was not so. Embouchure was shot hard enough, despite the mounting system, which at first glance seems too flimsy. After I put the nozzle back and tried to take it off again, it was to do even more difficult. She pulled back almost an inch, and only then rebounded. Now doubt the strength of the mounts I have.

After that I put on the headphones in his ears, threw the briefcase in his pocket and went outside, where they walked along the road, and then descended into the subway. And now, what can I say about the sound and noise cancellation…

As AirPods sound Pro

The first thing I said to myself in the sound that he is very close to the sound of AirPods past generation. I’m talking about the sound quality, and not about his feelings in loud places. If you take the AirPods first generation and harder pressed to your ear, most importantly, without fanaticism, the sound was very good. Something like this happened now. Naturally due to the soft ear cushions he became a little more intense and there were some low frequencies, but the handwriting of the sound, as I call it, has been preserved. It’s not the sound Beats, is the sound of AirPods. Very pleased that the company is not trying to dump everything in one basket. Two different brands — it’s two different sounds.

The sound in these headphones is not a standard, but good.

If you enable noise reduction, the sound becomes a little more low and deep, but not much, if you do it in the room. Really, the difference starts to be felt on the street when there is a certain level of noise. Of course, expect the quality noise reduction full size headphones are not necessary, but in AirPods it is really surprising. I was expecting less. Maybe it’s the oval and more anatomic ear pads (it’s so simple but not many figured it out) may be a second microphone inside the ear really make a difference, but the noise gags well. After years of getting used to the fact that AirPods not be used in the subway, I experienced a paradigm shift when you ran in them a dozen stations and listen to podcasts on fifty percent of the volume. Buzz!

The ear pads sit tight and have an unusual shape.

Generally a small spoon of tar to add still stands. Many complain of the noise reduction these headphones in General, and say that they have after such a headset headache. Not that I experienced when first tried these headphones and still perfectly use this system. However, I can not mention that to squelch AirPods Pro I had used for several tens of minutes. This despite the fact that I use it every day for Bose QC 35II. This is not a minus, but rather a remark. Just don’t be disappointed if you didn’t go with the first attempt. Give the system a chance.

Function AirPods Pro

Among the most interesting functions you can mark the test position of the earphone in the ear. This is done in the phone settings. It is necessary in the Bluetooth menu to access the settings of the headphones and start the test. All who have tried to pass it, passed. I mean that I and some other people passed it with different ear cushions, and always the result was ”green”.

And what headphones do you use? Let's discuss in our Telegram chat.

The test is conducted by playing a special piece of music and reading the vibrations inside the ear with a special microphone. He is responsible for optimizing the operation of the headset. Sometimes it seemed to me that the tone of the sound slightly changed, especially in transport. Perhaps the system really has made automatic adjustments to the sound, as promised by the manufacturer.

As for the new control system headphones, I’m happy. Tapping in the past generation was good. This time they were rejected due to the fact that banging on the intracanal earpiece it is still fun. The new system involves the compression of a special region on the stem of the earphone. It is small, but works very nicely, accompanying the action easy click. However, I still hope he didn’t change the volume. But, in each earphone you can configure more action than before. Including changing the mode of operation of noise reduction system.

Charging the headphones is possible wirelessly and via Lightning.

One of such regimes was the transparency. Nothing new, but added it and it works well. However, my head exploded when I placed the hood and he began to hang the MICS. The feeling was very unpleasant.

By the way, a small life hack. All I’ve seen use the touch control buttons on the headset, people were holding the earpiece with your thumb and forefinger, as if checking to see if shackle. For myself, I chose a more convenient option. I index finger touch the headphone and the leg squeeze thumb and middle. It’s easier to get to the button, not move the earpiece and will not be able to pinch my ear (Yes, it happened to me).

Cons AirPods Pro

Hard to find cons the headphones that have been made in order to close all the gaps of previous models. However, a couple of times when something went wrong, it was. It was when I took out the headphones from the case, inserted into the ears and they do not activate the noise reduction system. Clicking on enable in the menu of the iPhone appeared a message that the earphones must be inserted in the ears. Helped to get it and insert it back. Perhaps it is a firmware issue, but it was.

New AirPods already better than last year, but pulled when the firmware will be even better.

Italiani from the iPhone I found the signal very strong and where conventional plugs sometimes fall off when your smartphone is in your back pocket or backpack, AirPods Pro worked perfect. But when I deliberately covered with their hands, that connection was difficult, I heard the entire gamut of electronic emotions. Alternately headphones off, turn on and off noise reduction and so on several times. But it was enough to remove his hands, and for a few seconds all was restored. Once again, I note that for this it is necessary to leave the smartphone in the next room, not less, in normal use, the connection is always stable.

Keep in mind that with AirPods have to be very careful!

My other small niggle concerns the smell of the headset. When you open the case, I feel a certain smell. He’s not nasty, but it’s there. I think that is a disadvantage, since it is more powerful than the default smell of new equipment. It’s the smell of the lip and soon he needs to breathe, but almost a week later he is still here.

The package AirPods Pro. Like iPhone 11 Pro, included cable with USB type-C.

Experience AirPods Pro

Don’t know what you have formed an opinion after reading these lines. Many will say that view is unfair, because ”that dude from YouTube” told me that the headphones suck. But to me they really liked it. Yes, the price tag is large. Yes, for the money you can find better wired headphones. But given all the factors, Pro AirPods are a really cool product.

Recently the previous generation AirPods gained great popularity. This is the explanation, but now, for a relatively small fee they got a sound. Personally I for myself decided that I was going to use them, and now my Bose QC 35II became for me an additional. The sound is certainly better — the format requires — but every day I stopped at the AirPods Pro and don’t want to give them up. I liked them! Finally, I can say that the AirPods is a cool headphones, which I was completely satisfied.

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