Expert: Bitcoin today is the shares of Amazon, Intel and Microsoft ten years ago

To predict the future value of Bitcoin is difficult, and therefore, the real price of the asset will be known only after quite a long period of time. The head of the security Department CoinShares Meltem Demiros compares Bitcoin with shares of technology companies in the early stages of development. This writes CNBC.

What will happen to Bitcoin in the future

For the full potential of the blockchain will take time.

New technologies that change the social paradigm, it is difficult to understand in a short period of time.

Despite popular opinion, bitcoin has served as a safe haven asset at the time of the fall of the Turkish Lira. Now the price of Bitcoin continues to balance the vital support level.

Public opinion around Bitcoin is not fully developed. The only indicator of demand for cryptocurrencies is their price. But this is a very vague indicator. How does the current use of the blockchain in practice? While it is difficult to judge.

Demiroz said that investors should ignore price and focus on the underlying benefits of digital assets. It’s possible that Bitcoin today is shares of Amazon, Intel and Microsoft ten years ago.

Now we are starting to see the beginnings of a real application of the crypts. Capital from investors to flow smoothly into the construction of infrastructure around the business on the blockchain.

Demiro calls real time bullrun a new cryptocurrency. According to her, it will happen simultaneously with the appearance of new indicators that will talk about the practical application of the blockchain.


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