Expert: Bitcoin will bottom out in the next six months

Guru trading commodities Peter Brandt recently gave an exclusive interview to Cointelegraph, which discussed the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency. Though Brandt had previously worked only with traditional markets, he has nothing against Bitcoin. However, avid kryptonitetm it is advised to still use Fiat, especially now.

Why not hadlich the crypt

A trader believes that in the current environment, one should always keep their money to themselves. In other words, HODL would rather burn all the money of the investor, what will make him rich in the long run. Those who had Fiat this year, feel much better mountain traders with a complete portfolio of coins.

Brandt also warned about a sharp toshimune, which can skip many cryptomnesia. According to him, most beginners rely only on short-term technical indicators and can not look soberly at the situation as a whole.

However, the expert does not mind to buy Bitcoin. More recently he has become a “buyer and long term holder of crypto-currencies”. But on altcoins in his time there — Brandt doesn’t believe in other projects. After some time, they will depreciate to almost zero, so the market will remain only the most resistant.

Another positive news is that Bitcoin needs to find its bottom in the next six months. We are very close to the coveted mark, because the main cryptocurrency is unlikely to fall below $ 2900. Brandt also allows the bearish scenario, in this case Bitcoin will form a bottom at the level of $ 1,200.

At the moment the market is at its last stage of the current cycle. Most traders capitulated and was disappointed in the market. According to Peter Brandt, is the best time to stock up on bitcoin.


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