Expert: hardwork Constantinople will lead to the growth of Ethereum

The stock market never ceases to surprise us just a few days, the cost of Ethereum managed to grow almost two times. Local price rally attracted a lot of attention in cryptocommunist, and some experts have already managed to highlight the three main reasons for the recent growth Aldona.

Known cryptoanalysis Alex Kruger found, in his opinion, the catalyst for the growth of cryptocurrency. The popularity among buyers of Ethereum will win thanks to the hard forks Constantinople. This upgrade will make ETH one of the most lucrative assets of the stock market.

Constantinople — the path to burrano

For those who missed all the “fun”: Constantinople — the nearest major update of Ethereum. Thanks to this upgrade project will be even closer to the transition to the algorithm Proof-of-Stake, and new solutions for scalability. Activation hard forks will also reduce the reward for the block from 3 to 2 ETH.

Given the law of supply and demand, many see in Constantinople only a positive effect for Ethereum. Due to the reduction of payments to miners, the cryptocurrency inflation will also fall, which should favorably affect its price.

Alex Kruger advises not to focus on the possible PAMP coins in the short term. According to him, the news about the launch of Constantinople known to the market already some time ago. The day room of the unit to activate hard forks price ETH jumped a little, but then fell back down.

In other words, the full effect of the cost of Ethereum will be rendered only after a few months, and even years. In the near future decline the awards on the unit only “harm” to the miners because they will get less of cryptocurrency for their work.

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