Experts doubt in the future growth of Bitcoin. Why

For the last day of the course the main cryptocurrency jumped from 6825 to $ 7795. Followed by a short recession, but in the end Bitcoin was fixed at $ 8,000. According to experts, this will continue for long.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate. Mid April

With Bitcoin has risen more coins. In the green zone were all top-100 of the cryptocurrency world, and some of them jumped 99 percent. Total market capitalization has reached 323 billion dollars.

Among the reasons for the improvement, analysts see the decision of EU countries to sign a Declaration on the development of the blockchain. In the framework of the state will exchange experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of technology.

But one good news against the background of recent negative events is not enough. So the Director of the Center for economic research of the University “synergy” Andrey Koptelov, who shared his thoughts in dialogue with the RIA.

In the existing information field to expand the Bitcoin exchange rate on long-term growth is impossible, too many investors were burned by depreciation. Therefore, the transition to an upward trend will take more than one month.

Koptelov believes that in the absence of positive news in the niche of course coins can be reduced to $ 6000. And it will happen in the near future.

Other experts believe the influx of liquidity is a positive factor. Among them, the main Tokenbox analyst and portfolio Manager The Fund Token Igor Doganov.

The market has clearly experienced an influx of liquidity, and when fixing the price above 7.5 thousands of dollars expected future growth. In the case of reduction to 7.2 thousand dollars may begin the consolidation phase for a few days.

We will remind, on Tuesday the trader Dmitry Lavrov shared his prognosis. According to his version, after the break above the 8 and 9 thousand dollars Bitcoin can update the December maximum. I hope for this outcome and monitor the situation.

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