Experts have found vulnerability in iOS when you sync with iTunes

Sync your iPhone with iTunes via Wi-Fi can be used as a vulnerability in iOS to gain access to the device by third parties. The corresponding conclusion according to the study made by the experts of company Symantec.

According to them, when you sync over Wi-Fi device generates the keys with which the encrypted transmitted data, but attackers with specific skills can catch them. Taking possession of the keys, they can access the data on your iPhone or iPad, install or remove applications, or to initiate a backup.

But there is one cunning — the victim’s device before it needs to “trust” computer attacker, and so the device needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In some cases, malware can be used for invisible all network device’s traffic through VPN — in this case you can hack the device without Wi-Fi.

Starting with iOS 11 iPhone owners are asked to enter a password to trust the connected computer, which minimizes the likelihood of such an attack. The only scenario in which it is possible — if the user has previously “believed” the attacker’s computer. And hardly anyone of your friends be so engaged. If you still want to protect yourself, you can reset the list of trusted computers in the section “the Reset” basic settings (to reset jonastrasse).

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