Explain and download the application to zoom Zoom for holding meetings online

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Explain and download the application to zoom Zoom for holding meetings online

The application zoom is used to hold meetings across the network not, and we’ll talk in this article about how to register and subscribe in-app to users of Android phones and iPhone, with mention of the most important features and characteristics that are enjoyed by app, some shortcomings also in the app, plus links to download it directly from the store of each operating system separately.

What is the application zoom in?

Zoom Zoom is a fantastic service offering the possibility of holding meetings online and through the availability of the room e meetings shall be held by, for each room id private, you can invite people through several ways to as the exchange ID or the link or send the invitation through social networking sites, then you can run all of the audio or camera or both to hold meetings with access to all of the room.

Registration of participation in the application of the zoom

  1. Download the application to zoom on your phone from the App Store for the operating system.
  2. In the interface of the app first shows you 3 options, click on the registration “Sign Up”.
  3. Enter the required data from you, then click on the icon agree to the terms and Privacy.
  4. Do you interface the app to check in the options and settings you prefer to use.

Application functions Zoom Zoom

Lets program zoom meetings and discussions between the users remotely, and information and updates text, photos, video, and video to a large number of people, and allows the app to send text files, photos, and videos, as well as a property to link the account to Google Drive, study books and file manager.

Application features Zoom zoom

The app is available for download and use free full, with some features that are available only against payment.

Offers most of the features offered by the program can be run on smartphones simply.

The program works on the weaker capabilities internet connection quality characteristic, which is easy to make it available for various connection speeds to the internet.

Is registration application through e-mail, or through the login accounts of social networks such as Facebook.

Sound quality:
Sound quality is extremely excellent, it can be for both parties to hear each other clearly.

Room types:
There is a room for audio only, the other can use Visual Communication out.

Always shows the name of the speaker on the screen of the program answer the lack of mixing between the voices of the speakers.

Can per room accommodating a very large number of participants up to 100 participants per room.

To subscribe to free up the time of a single session to about 40 minutes, to subscribe to the paid time of the meeting is not specific at all.

Recording meetings:
The program provides the possibility to record meeting audio and video.

Conversations in writing:
The program contains safety talks, Scripture can be used during meetings, with the possibility of communicating with the group as a whole or with a specific person.

Watch the screen:
Contains a unique tool that allows viewing the screen of the device with the group, and thus can be used to view and share many of the windows and other software on the machine, knowing this feature is available for use of the program or application.

White board:
To provide service more offers the software tool of the white board that can be through by drawing on the screen and the participation of others, using the touch screen for smart phones.

Contact paid:
The program provides the possibility of joining the chamber by contacting via mobile phone networks without resorting to internet connection.

The program provides scheduling tool that allows you to setup a meeting prior with ease, you can select the material and the invitees of the meeting, in addition to the possibility of setting a password to enter the conference room.

You can mute or turn off the visual communication any time during the meeting without having to go out of the meeting.

Has got the application on the 4.5 stars on the Google Play market, with downloads plan 10 million by users, and the company of the organization to provide updates constantly for ways to overcome the problems that may face users, and application development tools, new and unique features that make using it an experience like no other.

Disadvantages of the app

  1. Does not support Arabic language.
  2. Works on a small scale, he descended among the colleagues of work or friends.
  3. No allows the user to create new relationships

Links to download application Zoom Zoom

Download the version of Android

Download Android version

Click here

To download a copy of the faith.

Download copy of faith.

Click here

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