Explain how hide your last seen in emo Hide last seen

Steps to cancel another appearance of Can page

Hide contact in emo or hide my appearance in emo of more things that are looking for users of the social networking application and conversation free emo imo who became considered one of the most important applications of contact-free in a lot of the Arab States because of the ban on other applications like the famous WhatsApp and others , and figure out a way to cancel another appearance can last ver is very simple and you can hide your activity and last seen on emo and enjoy the benefits of privacy that it offers you emo latest version for Android .

Download app emo latest version imo 2018 :

Emo is the application of social networking for instant messaging such as books, courses and audio and video calls also, which is the application to impose himself on the square social media strongly, of it spreading … clear and his unique and simple which led to the possibility of being used by persons who do not possess the technology background strong as with most applications of social media.

Apply emo is an application for text messaging, instant next to voice calls and video calls , and allows users many advantages that you will be discharged immediately after use to the investigation, the fade is sometimes an embarrassment of your friends, or your boss at work or whatever, not responding to their messages at the emo imo so you can hide feature another appearance in the conversation of emo and you can maintain a certain level of privacy to protect you from falling into war .

And make application to imo in the list of the best screen applications and free calls 2018 , where he combines the best nurses in all of the programmes mentioned the possibility of calls audio and video high-quality, high-speed and free , And does not impose on user any additional charges when it is loaded on the machine and unlimited time or place of any it allows you to make a call TA make friends from any country in the world Wi as soon as possible during 24 hours a day and you can use it in the negotiations, the collective can make contact with more than one health or video in this feature is consistent with the program Skype , after additional improvements to the program of emo and the challenge I face all the devices and operating systems Android OS Wi OS became you can download the program of emo on the computer where it’s become facing your Windows operating system.

Download the program emo 2018 for all setups

Way to hide contact in emo – secrets program emo

The first step : open the application emo latest version 2018, and then log in to your account or create a new account emo.

Third step : now enter to the Settings menu on the application of emo from the top of the screen ,you’ll find the list of the settings of the phenomenon of an item’s Privacy to press them to show you a range of options to help you in increasing the privacy of your account .

فتح اعدادات الايمو لاخفاء اخر ظهور
Open the settings of emo to hide the last seen
اعدادات الخصوصية في الايمو
Privacy settings in emo

The second step : choose the item last under the terms of my privacy settings to enable you to determine the category in which you can share your last seen .

اخفاء اخر ظهور
Hide last seen

Step four : you will be shown the options box choose no one to be able to hide your appearance in a full-on emo , but watch out when choosing an item that no one will be masking the appearance of your friends too, and you won’t be able to know the last appearance of them , that you choose everyone will be able to any person looking for your number on emo watch last seen you and I choose item contacts any It’s not one of seeing the last seen on emo only numbers registered in your phone or contacts you have .

اخفاء اخر اتصال في الايمو عن الجميع
Hide the last connection in emo on Friday

You can also some of the same items of privacy settings in the application of emo to show the personal image only for friends or for everyone, or choose an item, no one to be able to hide profile picture in full .

How to use the features of emo?

The main attraction in the characteristic of emo is definitely the high quality in the video-calling feature. You can also make group video calls. But emo does not belong here. Emo Messenger has a user interface very simple, which help users get things done on the emo with a minimum of difficulty.

Emo also allows users to chat in groups. This is the best way to get fun with your friends and family. You can also use the emo share photos and videos and let your friends know what you have been up to.

The most interesting feature of emo is that it allows you to connect and synchronize different accounts! You can call your friends on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, MySpace, Yahoo through the interface IMO.

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