Explain how to improve the battery performance of iPhone and iPad activation card faith

Steps to preserve the battery life of faith and improve the management of its

How to fight on the card of faith and an iPad? And how long charge iPhone? And how to improve the performance of the battery of faith and an iPad? It suffered by users phones the faith the problem of running out of battery and end-of-life in short period of time , and there are many ways you can improve battery life and improve the performance of battery left and the iPod ,if you are looking for a group of tricks and tips that enables you to improve the battery iPhone and iPad to with the device all day long, not just found on the tricks that will be listed in this thread from our how technology and work to implement it simply .

Developed phones iPhone and iPad significantly over the years, where the eagerness of apple on the design development of its organs as well as to develop their potential in order to satisfy the wishes of users and the ability to keep up with the competition, especially Samsung, but despite the attempts of all companies on the development of devices and batteries with a large capacity but it is incompatible with the use of customer hardware tech, they are rare to find battery that lasts a full day with use, so I had to search for some tricks that enable you to improve the performance of the battery iPhone and iPad.

Ways to improve battery performance iPhone and iPad :

If you are from users phones Android and also suffers from battery problems and the speed of its entry into force, and the battery consumption is very fast you can get rid of it through the use of apps to save battery DU Battery Saver to save battery Android

The first step : do not bother to stop applications

خطوات تحسين اداء بطارية الايفون
Steps to improve the Management Card of faith

Distinguishes users of the iPhone and iPad to finish the process applications that do not use them in order to avoid the absorption of the battery, but apparently that idea is not good as Apple confirmed that closing apps out of RAM which means that when you open the app again, will the battery for the phone to download the application from memory once again and all those things you press of course on your device, so the myth of the closure of the app to avoid draining the battery is incorrect, you won’t be updating apps in the background unless I let you do it and you have enabled the option to update applications in the background.

The second step : to activate low power mode Low Power Mode

تقليل استهلاك بطارية الايفون
Reduce the consumption of the battery of faith

Starting of the ios operating system 9 and above, there are a feature called power save mode low, which would keep your battery to last longer, so the situation is not an option by default but you must enable it when you get the phone battery to 20% it would do that situation to get three extra hours of battery life, you can do it by accessing Settings then battery Settings then activate the low power mode.

Step three : update your operating system

You should make sure that your phone iPhone or iPad running the latest ios version available by the company, the update of the operating system of the most important tricks that enable you to improve the performance of the battery of the iPhone where the brings with it a fix for some errors in the phone which makes it work more efficiently.

The fourth step : detecting whether the battery need replacement

Not battery life of the iPhone forever, so there will come a time when you need to detect your phone battery what if I need replacement, where you can head to one of the official Apple retail stores to detect on your phone or one of the specialist maintenance that you trust to determine whether a battery needs repair or replacement.

The fifth step : check the battery usage

التحقق من استخدام البطارية
Check the battery usage

There is a quick way to check if there is a real problem in the battery of the iPhone or iPad by heading to Settings battery and wait until is shown a detailed report about the battery use to be able to talk of times of use of the battery, includes the time of use to the Director that the use of the device since the last charging process, if your device is working properly it is supposed to be usage time has risen by less than a minute while the standby time may be increased about five minutes, but if you find that there is an increased accurate at the time of use, There is something wrong in your phone and there will be apps running in the background without your knowledge.

Step six : check the app of the most drain on the battery

اكثر تطبيقات مستهلكة للبطارية
The most apps consuming the battery

Thought the Facebook app of the most important apps that drain your phone’s battery life iPhone not consume resources of the device in the background, and on the applications and uses of the battery, you can access the battery settings and watch the applications and the extent of consumption of the battery and usually you’ll find that the Facebook app the most drain on the battery.

The sixth step : reduce the brightness of the screen

تخفيض سطوع الشاشة
Reducing the brightness of the screen

Depends the brightness of the screen of the main things that drain battery iPhone so, if you want to improve the battery performance of the iPhone have reduced the brightness of the screen and you will notice the difference definitely in the phone’s battery life.

The second step : the duration of the self-lock company

القفل التلقائي لتوفير البطارية
Auto lock to save battery

The iPhone feature to lock The phone when not in use, the screen automatically provides you with periods of time a variety you can choose among them, and when your choice for a few that would maintain battery and performance effectively.

Step nine : disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

تحسين استهلاك البطارية
Improved battery consumption

Of the most important tricks that you can follow to maintain the battery of the iPhone is to disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed that would provide additional hours for the lifetime of your phone battery.

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