Explain the establishment of successful channel on YouTube for beginners youtube channel

Way to open a channel on YouTube profit from 2018

Is youtube the biggest video platform in the world which allows users to watch video clips, along with the participation of millions of clips and comment on them and interact with them and set up a channel on YouTube is kind of important to interact and engage in the world of YouTube , and can anyone in the world including the Arab world, create a youtube channel and even having more than one channel in different areas, including cooking, politics, religion and entertainment, beauty, comedy, economic, technical, and a lot of other areas , For those who don’t know the establishment of a channel of YouTube is an easy process and does not require you to pay any material costs, as it is available for all people around the world, including users in the Arab world , in this topic of our site How does the technique know the importance of owning a successful channel on YouTube and how to open a youtube channel and profit from them .

Download latest version youtube 2018

Considered one of the most popular apps in the world, through which users can watch millions of video clips of various which offer content special as anyone can upload videos or that he wants to share with the world simple steps to apply and YouTube .

More than a third of Internet users in the world today use youtube, some use it for listening to music, watching movies

A new design to the YouTube application for Android and the faith of 2018 has become much easier for users WHERE experience has become the discovery of new videos more quickly and simply once you download the app or business account users can navigate between the millions of videos that suit you and fit your interests and things you’re looking for on the Google search engine or YouTube , easily upload those clips also and keep them as can youtube users Subscribe to channels and and favorite and share the videos , and you can download YouTube plus to get additional benefits not provided by the YouTube app official

Download YouTube 2018

Why do we have to create a channel youtube? Material profit is one of them

Well there are many reasons that pay you to take this step, the first step is to express your thoughts and provide useful content to the viewers, the fact that you understand in a specific area or have a special skill you can portray what you do and share and build an audience of your own.

Creating a youtube channel is the way also for this important point for those who love the fame and they want them to be popular and a large audience.

On the other hand, this area provides a profit from the video clips where profits begin from a few parts of dollar to millions of dollars, and the more views achieved by the increased income.

What are the conditions for establishing a channel youtube?

There are of course conditions in order to create a youtube channel successful and far from penalties and failures, the first of which is that the content is the content of your own.

Avoid stealing videos and posting them on the product, or even theft, modification and publication, also avoid addresses misinformation and manipulation in the keywords.

Stay away from submitting content that incites harm to others such as the topics of murder, theft and penetration, to the side to avoid the publication of videos to promote the news of the fake.

Explicit nudity and the promotion of software malicious and sexual exploitation of children and the promotion of witchcraft and the cursing and the employee is granted, and in the case of the reporting of your videos to learn your channel closure.

Focused on quality, professional content, realism, and the transfer of reality as it is and stay away from all that is forbidden and illegal simply.

Steps to create a youtube channel successful :

خطوات انشاء قناة يوتيوب
Steps to set up youtube channel

To have a YouTube account you must have an account on Google, access to YouTube there to find at the top of the rightmost button to log in to your account on the site.

I don’t have an account on Google? Click on the “sign in” where you will be directed to a page containing a login is that you will use to access your account, in case I don’t have an account click on the “more options”.

انشاء حساب جوجل كي تتمكن من فتح قناة يوتيوب
Set up Google Account to be able to open a youtube channel

You will be shown the two options what we care about is the first option to register a new account the “create account”, then you’ll have to follow-up explained our previous: set up a Gmail account to the new steps to register a Gmail login in gmail page

Then log in to YouTube using your account on Google, which allows you access to the different services of the American company.

انشاء قناة يوتيوب
Set up youtube channel

Click on the icon of your account which show him your picture that you have set before you’ll see a list, pick “settings”.

انشاء قناة يوتيوب جديدة
Set up youtube channel new

After that you will be redirected to the Settings page, what we care about is the words create new channel “to create a new channel”, click on it.

اختيار اسم قناة اليوتيوب
Choose the name of the youtube channel

Select a label for the channel, which will also be the name of the account brand that you will use on the product, will you check through the inclusion of your phone number to continue with a secret code and are the channel has been created.

تخصيص قناة اليوتيوب الجديدة
Customize youtube channel new

It is through the control panel of the channel you can work to customize them by clicking on the “customize channel”.

You will be redirected to the page where you can set the cover image as well as add classifications to set the picture channel.

ضبط القناة على اليوتيوب
Adjust the channel on YouTube.

By clicking on the icon of the settings located on the far right and referred to in the picture, you will be redirected to the settings of the channel where you select the country and add the keywords with the interaction between their differences, and also activation ads which will start appearing after you take the tape and are harvested the 1000 subscribers with achieving the 4000 hours of watching videos through the 12 months and then apply for the investment content.

اعدادات و تحضير قناة يوتيوب
Prepare and prepare’s youtube channel

The settings of the mask is easy to handle only read what’s in front of you and deal with the settings and you can change the language to Arabic through the bottom of the page.

The start-up phase in the lifting videos :

Videos must be of you original and avoid the publication of what is stolen, and don’t forget to assign addresses to attractive without shading nor lie nor fake.

And use the description to add a link to your website or links and description of the video content of the video to enhance its position in the search results, remember that the maximum number of characters in the description is 1000 characters, I need to write large text in this space.

Use keywords that are unrelated to the content of the video, and stay away from filler words because it’s forbidden, and can lead to blocking the content from search results.

Also choose the correct classification to your video clips and avoid putting them in the classification wrong, it was about the technical test technology and so on.

How you can promote your videos on?

The videos you post don’t forget to promote it by posting them on your website in case it is available also in a publication at the expense of your social life and invite followers to watch its content.

It is true that youtube will bring you to watch free through the search results and suggestions, but also to gain subscribers and fans and powerful content to attract people to watch what they offer.

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