Explain the features of WhatsApp plus the blue Whatsapp plus 2018

Explain WhatsApp plus blue and new gold

WhatsApp plus English language programs in plasma and the applications used in the Arab states as an alternative to the application of WhatsApp and advanced features make it easier for users and have liked them , and the latest version of WhatsApp Plus is blue or watts August plus the new gold 2018 that is compatible with all devices and versions, and offers many features that increase comfort. and security to the user , you know with us through this topic from the website how technically to explain the features of WhatsApp plus blue and gold and why possesses great popularity, and impressed millions of users and how you can use it .

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus?

To illustrate the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus you must recognize the advantages and benefits provided by each user and what the reasons which make the user loads any of them .

The WhatsApp application has a preference and interest of everyone around the world and is considered the most important application of conversation and chat free 2018 , because as soon as you download it to your phone and install it you can just text anyone around the world via text messages and share photos, videos, and short with him and posting stories and cases, and all of that just as soon as the internet connection .

Download WhatsApp for all devices

While WhatsApp Plus is not the same program WhatsApp normal, but it is a modified version for developers contains some changes and additions this version not issued formally from the company WhatsApp for herself and follow her , and these reasons may suffer the users of WhatsApp blue and golden and WhatsApp GB few obstacles in the process of transmitter and receiver for messages and may face some problems about the installation process and run the WhatsApp plus .

Now you know the most important differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus :

  • In WhatsApp plus you can hide the last time to appear so that no one could know I was connected or not while the WhatsApp normal you can’t hide the case. in case you you are connected .
  • In WhatsApp plus you can send large size files even is without reducing the quality while you can’t send large files on WhatsApp
  • In WhatsApp plus you can change the font size and color of your favorite color and type also unlike WhatsApp, you cannot prejudice the type of font and its color and its size .
  • In WhatsApp you can’t change the shape of the app colors and style while in WhatsApp plus you can change the Stop Loss to the competent trim from a total of themes available .
  • In WhatsApp plus you can see the picture profile of your company who talk to him inside the garage while the opposite happens in WhatsApp.
  • In WhatsApp plus you can go beyond the ban on WhatsApp old and becomes you can use WhatsApp in any country
  • In WhatsApp plus you can send more than 10 images at once while you can’t in WhatsApp old send more than ten images.
  • You can WhatsApp plus to run two accounts WhatsApp from the same phone .

Way to run WhatsApp plus :

Can install WhatsApp plus , after downloading by clicking on the links Apk the following . And once you download the app on your phone you should first go to Settings , then to security, and then activate the download software anonymous source , (Settings) And (Security) And (Unknown Sources) , now you can install the app normally and start using it .

Download WhatsApp plus go

Download WhatsApp plus blue

How do you use WhatsApp plus? – All versions of WhatsApp plus

Encrypted messages and calls in WhatsApp plus blue

Lets you download the application watts August blue used with a high level of privacy and security of conversations and messages private , and you can use it with safety through its encrypted messages and calls that keep everything you send and sharing in conversations that makes you use WhatsApp regular, and for fully .

مميزات واتس اب بلس
Features of WhatsApp plus

And through the control panel that lets you WhatsApp Plus offers you distinctive options and protection example the possibility to hide the logo for friends and the possibility of masking the registration mark reading on the other side of the conversation also gives you the option to hide the writing or Typing.. that appear on the other side of the conversation and hide the date and the name when you copy over a message

A way to hide the online status and hide notifications WhatsApp :

Gives you a WhatsApp plus more options of privacy that are preferred and desired by users through a feature to lock WhatsApp with a password hide alerts and notifications and everything related to the application and its content .

Through the settings of the application WhatsApp plus also provides you with a possibility to change the icon of the app and hide the date & name when copying a message, and can stay in Connected mode even in the case of exit from the program .

مميزات واتس اب الازرق
Features of WhatsApp blue

And help you download WhatsApp plus download or send the video size is 30 MB instead of 16 MB, which gives you an account of the original and increase the number of characters you’re allowed to write them in your case on the fact 250 rather than 139 characters can be your possibility to copy the situation .

Way to hide you’ve seen the case of friends?

Allows you to WhatsApp plus Golden Gold Whatsapp many things possible that make you prefer his version of WhatsApp plus being safe where we checked the HTML code by plasma by program Kaspersky kaspersky famous anti-virus.
And it is possible that these women do not contain any of the commercials annoying within the app , updated to the latest version enables the auto-update will update the version of WhatsApp plus periodically, and updates on the latest features of WhatsApp original version of the App Store.

You can WhatsApp Golden control a lot of options by clicking on the points settings existing the top of the screen , such as masking emerge and hide code to read the color blue and the masking code, The receiving health , and masking the writing and recording while the audio clip , and the most important is the possibility to hide you’ve seen the case of WhatsApp for friends .

اخفاء انك شاهدت حالة الاصدقاء
Hide you’ve seen the case of friends.

WhatsApp Golden save need – download story friends :

Lets you WhatsApp gold save the fact the father of anyone of your friends on alwats August , now you can save the case of WhatsApp to your studio directly through the menu in the status screen dots the top of the screen you can click to show the Options menu and choose the item to download, whether video or image easily and with high quality .

تحميل ستوري واتس اب
Download story WhatsApp

And you can see the condition of people without access to the conversation and I was connected to, or the last appearance of the main screen of the program.

Features of the new update version 4.00 WhatsApp plus Golden :

  • The possibility to save(store) friends in the studio.
  • Counter messages are now working to stop the program.
  • Re option number 6.8 develop a list of names instead of a list of the new situation – the fact old.
  • The possibility of sending all kinds of files such as programs, compressed files and others.
  • Possibility to hide any conversation (press and hold on any conversation and then choose hide) to show conversations, hidden click on the word Whatsapp in the chat interface.
  • Add the option number 2.2.34 to change the color of the status bar the modern.
  • Add the option number 2.2.35 change the color of the text cases, recent cases.
  • There is a problem in the property No. 2.5.0 a min visited your profile and will fix it soon in new version

Explain the use of WhatsApp plus Abu Arab

Why prefer users download WhatsApp Abu Arab? Most nurses in these women save the friends , and August plus similar to snapchat, you’ll find in this version all features of WhatsApp plus like hide purification, masking connected now in WhatsApp plus and other version supports the Arabic language and you can change the language of the program watts August plus without changing the language of the Android device, there are many themes renewable the ability to change colors of WhatsApp you can even change the name of the Whatsapp to your personal name .

Solve the problem of error in the analysis package. stop download files from fact

Facing some users of the application WhatsApp Plus is a problem in receiving files and images and video clips that are supposed to be downloaded to Studio automatically without any pressure , and this problem may occur because of the option of providing the data offered by WhatsApp gold .

حل مشكلة توقف تحميل الملفات
To solve the problem stop download files

You can get rid of the problem stop download files WhatsApp by going to Chrome browser and open Options Settings and stop the data provider

حل مشكلة توقف التحميل من الواتس
Solve the problem of timing analysis of the fact

Explain GBWhatsapp – how can you open more than one account watts up?

Through version WhatsApp GB Whatsapp you can easily open more than one account WhatsApp from the same device iPad some simple steps :

1 – You make a backup of your conversations by selecting the Backup in the settings under the chat or chat , then go to My File you will find a Folder name WhatsApp change the name to GBWhatsApp then delete the app from your phone .

نسخ احتياطي للواتس اب
Backup time sex father

2 – After completion of the Delete application select beautiful again and activate your number the second you start any conversation with any of your friends, then make a Backup of that conversation, as we did in the previous step, after completion of that step, delete the app again.

Open two accounts Gpwhatsapp

3 – now download program GBWhatsApp 2018 through the direct link to the apk and install it on your phone and start in operation of the second number of your through it and do a restore of the talks, then go to My File and then delete the two characters GB memory saved in the first step to the name of the Folder to the Whatsapp again and then download the official version of WhatsApp back and start activating your number first we have to do to restore the talks .

Download application GBWhatsapp

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