Explanatory Statement of the Ministry of digital economy.. continued details

She said the Ministry of digital economy and leadership that the study of the spread out recently talking about the violation of the companies providing the big internet in Jordan in the privacy of their customers dramatically, allowing them to monitor their use of the internet, and the browsing history information that is sent across browsers.

She said she is working on the organization of protection of personal data this is a priority of the ministry had started work before the publication of this study, where the preparation of the draft law on the protection of personal data which is in its final stages and was put for public consultation for most of the time to address such observations, as the law would address the confidentiality, security and control citizens ‘ personal data and impose penalties in the event of a breach of the requirements of the law.

The ministry has also held a number of meetings, workshops and seminars with stakeholders on the topic of personal data from the public and private sectors, the academic sector, and civil society organizations to enable the largest possible segment of teachers and partners to express their views and observations on the content of the draft law.

She added that it was verified what was reported in the media, through the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority the body responsible for regulating telecommunications services in Jordan.

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