Exports of Korean companies phone manufacturers reached its lowest level since 16 years

Samsung Galaxy Note8

Experienced manufacturers of smart phones all over the world a slowdown in sales through the year 2018 due to the saturation of the market. Began digit months the duodenum of the water in the recipe, and the first that is given us comes straight from South Korea, home to Samsung and LG.

According to the Ministry of Science and information and communications technology Korean Institute of information and Communications Technology, Assessment and planning, amounted to total exports of mobile phones in 2018 is equivalent to 14.61 million, which represents a decrease by 23% or about $ 4.4 million, compared with the year 2017. This is a minimum figure that is achieved since the year 2002, which means that last year was the worst for smart phones Korean in this contract.

The last time there where the market performance is weak, the total exports of mobile phones, the equivalent of 11.36 million, which is what it was before the advent of the era of smart phones and touch screens, etc. Sources revealed Korea phone shipments peaked in 2008, after approximately 33.44 billion, outperforming the country’s exports of major semiconductor. Since then, the decreased exports of this industry to less than $ 30 million in 2009, and less than $ 20 million in 2017.

When you look at the picture detailed, the biggest reason behind this specialization is the Chinese market. In the largest country in the world, including Hong Kong, the sales of smartphones Korean about 4.3 million, representing a decrease of 37%. There was also a decrease in the United States, where figures dropped by 10% to reach 5.05 million.

While the performance of smartphones was not high, it has increased exports of semiconductors to 128.15 million, which means double the exports of mobile phones increased by nine times.

Since it is also expected to fall this product and also given that the outlook is fairly grim for smart phones, it has started companies are now moving to a fantastic new such as 5G, and companies folding. And speaking of manufacturers, the Koreans, we know that Samsung will series phones Galaxy S10 Series phone rollaway Galaxy Fold at day 20 of February at an event Unpacked that will be held by the company in the city of San Francisco, while the LG detects phone LG G8 ThinQ, a telephone with a screen similar to the ZTE Axon M in the same month.

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