F5 networks launches innovative solutions to accelerate the Video Transfer on networks of mobile devices

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Managed company F5 networks to reach low-cost solution to accelerate the transfer of video and Protection, the new solution in improving the operation of the Transmission Control Protocol TCP on networks and mobile devices.

The launch of the new solution in the context of the massive expansion towards the use of video on the internet, as it interferes users of Facebook average of 8 million daily video, watch 82 percent of users of Twitter’s video content, it is noticeable that 90 percent of video views on Twitter and 60 percent of consultations to YouTube made using mobile devices.

Feeds this phenomenon, in part, service providers are challenged candidates who offer plans of unlimited data at exorbitant prices, and represent solutions for intelligent traffic management, low-cost the real lifeblood of this new reality.

The majority of the videos the mobile devices characteristics main functions: encryption through SSL protocol or other protocols similar which is in fact to the technology bitrate recurrent ABR, which alters the video resolution depending on the bandwidth available.

It is considered Protocol TCP Transport Protocol the main infrastructure of the internet, which ensures, coupled with the Protocol IP, the negative trend for all applications with our equipment, allows us to share resources with billions of people around the world at the same time, it also establishes and manages connections and traffic congestion with pay attention to the errors of transmission and care for him.

Can F5 networks today tracking video streams and manage them using the controls in the broadband-based proxy TCP or modulation capabilities of your current video-based Protocol user data, which enables service providers air conditioning and reduce the size of the bandwidth used by video streams, with protection continuing the user experience.

He said Raffaele also, engineer solutions have F5 networks: “for the future, will increase the importance of improving the TCP protocol has the providers, the technology to improve the TCP protocol the current F. 5 to improve conversion performance through the strengthening of the signal on remote networks by 99.81 percent “103,48 percent for medium-scale, 131,39 percent of companies near”.

As the F5 networks, causing a record increase in speed by 214,12 percent to perform control during congestion heavy “and 218,60 percent over the levels of congestion expected”.

The advantages include the improvement of the TCP control algorithms congested central that adapt to the characteristics and specifications of the mobile networks and represent algorithms and channels are vital to improve traffic and user experience by about a year, and can provide improved TCP protocol could also contribute to the reduction of the time duration between the client workstation for the TCP protocol, what can both sides of the apples quickly in the event of loss, isolated or congestion in the network, moreover, could also contribute to the reduction of re-transmissions to improve the resource efficiency of the radio.

Can TCP protocol number of parts changing, with the addition of new ones every day, but it is not recommended to use them all without sync and appropriate to the occasion, it is important for decision makers to choose a model the TCP protocol which includes a high number of data received and a minimum of insulation, while providing fairness among flows, and integration with other functions such as deep packet, directing traffic, load balancing, basic elements of it.

F5 networks launches innovative solutions to accelerate the transfer of video on networks and mobile devices

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