Face ID likened to a “smart” scanner Galaxy S9. What cooler?

A hybrid method of identifying Galaxy S9, bringing together software technology of facial recognition hardware scanner iris, still not as perfect as Face ID. Convinced colleagues from the publication Ai, a comparative test of the flagship smartphone.

At first glance it may seem that Intelligent Scan is faster. But this happens only because the Galaxy S9, removing the lock may automatically transfer the user to the desktop. iPhone X, unfortunately some can not be so, requiring to swipe the lock screen up with your finger.

Of the remaining stages of the test Face ID comes out the undisputed winner. For example, the rate of activation of the Intelligent Scan lower than the Apple solution. Often Galaxy S9 thinks for a second, and even longer without leaving the user no choice but to use the fingerprint scanner.

Practice shows that the angle of the Face ID is much broader than the Intelligent Scan. In situations where the Galaxy S9 requests to change his position for comfortable reading iPhone X works without any problems. The same is observed when trying to unlock from a distance of arm’s length.

Both competitors coped well with the user recognition in the glasses. However, if the Face ID removed the lock instantly, Intelligent Scan could not overcome the glare of the glass and demanded to raise the device to eye level. After fulfilling the requirements of unlocking happened in a split second.

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