Face recognition in Google Photos for Android has earned in Russia

The scope of face recognition technology has proved far greater than originally anticipated. She found a place in our smartphones, where it is used for unlocking, in law enforcement, who use it to search for criminals walking around free, and in a variety of applications and services to create and store photos, learn to group and catalog images depending on the presence in them of certain people. Now such a possibility appeared in the “Google Photos”.

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Users from Russia have started to update the Google Photos enabled facial recognition technology. Innovation allows you to determine people who are in the photos, and combine them in a special group. For the convenience of people that will be marked on the photos in Google Photos, you can match with contacts from the contacts list, and in their absence in the list of them can be given names or nicknames.

How to group photos in Google Photos

As a result, users will be able to use facial recognition technology to search for pictures with certain people and even Pets, and combine them into albums and groups. It is enough to mention the man in any picture, and the system will automatically analyze the rest of the photo library and will group them together. This, according zayavleniem developers, it can take from half an hour to one week depending on the volume that is to be analyzed.

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Despite the fact that Google has already released the updates Google Photos supports face recognition in Russia, it gradually spread, and therefore may be unavailable for some users. In this case, it is recommended to wait from several days to weeks – the update will appear as soon as Google will complete a test scan and make sure that the app no problem.

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App: Google Photos
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Photography
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 75 people

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