Face-recognition system adjusts the first content in American airports

Sign recognition system faces, the user newly in 14 Airport American, the first content in the hands of the authorities, not to reveal that the identity of the screen do not match with the passport data and who protects it.

Travelled young man, 26 years old, from Sao Paulo, Brazilian passport, French to the United States of America, were seized at the airport in Washington, Dolce international, after only 3 days of the start of the experiment one of the techniques to identify new faces, authorities have discovered already that the accused hides his true identity in his shoes, and that the identity belongs to the Republic of the Congo.

It offers his young criminal charge, forging identity documents, according to the immigration laws of America, thanks to face recognition technology based on biometrics rather than a boarding pass or identity card, which trust the Americans in it will almost flow of terrorists, repeat offenders and illegal immigrants from access to their land.

The authorities responsible for organizing and securing the Olympics Tokyo 2020 have announced, in early this month, its intention to use recognition technology, NeoFace, developed by NEC in Japan, in order to monitor and secure all of the participants in the Olympics, from the athletes, officials, staff and media, that in more than 40 locations and games and Media Centre.

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