FaceApp raises security concerns about access to personal information

Triggered proliferation of viral development (FaceApp) security risks on how to use it for personal health, where he participated millions of people their personal photos after the progress of work on the social media sites through the hashtag (faceappchallenge#), including celebrities.

Experts have warned that the “filter aging” magazine, which first appeared in the year 2017 by developers in a company (Wireless Lab) which is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, raised security concerns about access to personal information.

The application (FaceApp) Russian one of the most downloaded apps in all over the world, and uses artificial intelligence to provide a digital image of your face after the progress of the work.

Must (FaceApp) download the image to its servers to ensure the possibility of change, but the terms of his gives him the ability to use those images in any way almost.

Experts have warned that terms and conditions apply (FaceApp) include the right to modify, reproduce and publish any of the images processing through artificial intelligence, this means that the user’s face may be used as a marketing.

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Although the images used across the app may be private, but the application is able to use it in a very general later.

Explains the privacy policy of the company and its ability to collect and store information from your phone, it is able to use it for advertising or other forms of marketing.

James Whatley James Whatley, expert strategic: you grant (FaceApp) license always irreversible to use, publish or distribute your content personal in all forms without notice, and retain the material, even after deleting the app, and will not be able to stop it.

The technology expert, Steve Sammartino Steve Sammartino, he will use the face of the user to access private information more important, such as banking credentials.

He said: Your Face has become now a form of copyright, and you have to be careful about who is granted permission to access to your critical data, and in case you use your face for access to things like funds and credit cards, that means you have handed your keys to others.

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