Facebook.. a new technique for the “comics” of the violation

Definitely won’t be able to working in a company Facebook to check all the publications that are published daily on the site, but it is possible to use artificial intelligence to do the job. Revealed company Facebook already they are working on a tool to artificial intelligence known as Rosetta which uses “machine learning” to examine the existing texts on pictures of a vegetable stand. that is posted on the site, known by the word “comics” or Memes in English, to be checked texts to see if it hurt or contrary to or not, and this applies to videos also next to the images.

This technique is not completely new but used for the first time on Facebook , which is facing a major challenge in the identification of existing texts on the photo growing dramatically across the site. It seems that this tool is already working currently, where you download a million photos and videos per day for the text inside of them, whether on Facebook or Instagram.

And even now I don’t know what to do Facebook is detailed in this technical but according to what you can expect – the first thing to do is take advantage of texts that are used in the classification of persons for the ads and is a source of income Facebook platform. According to what was published by the company, this water can be used in your search Facebook to come the results of the photos too which is great no doubt and we wish him coming in as soon as possible.

But it is also possible to use Facebook this feature simply spy on any publication by the image -including images of comic – to on what’s inside the picture of any thing contrary to the rules of Facebook and hate sexual content.

Certainly if you work this feature to”detect content that is hateful automatically,” said Facebook it would be very good.

Companies are competing recently on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect the offending content across platforms big. Google says it also for YouTube, where he owns more than a tool that works by using artificial intelligence to detect the offending content is automatically deleted without any human intervention.

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