Facebook accused of disclosure of health data in communities


In the past years, everyone thought it best to join the Facebook network, but these days we began to feel that the failure to appear on Facebook may be a better idea. The company suffered from numerous scandals related to privacy in the recent past, has been rumored just last week that the company may be liable to a fine of billions of dollars by the Federal Trade Commission.

If you think that the year 2019 will mark the beginning of the new buy Facebook, out, and he turned thinking about that again because, according to a new report, it appears that Facebook is accused of disclosure of health data in closed groups. The complaint was filed originally to the Federal Trade Commission last month but has been posted now to work.

The complaint alleges that the Facebook network has revealed sensitive information about members of the closed groups, where he discovered members of the group consist of women with a genetic mutation called BRCA that sensitive information about themselves, such as their names and email addresses are freely traded on the internet.

According to the complaint, they are saying, ” Ignore Facebook our requests to fix the problems that we have identified for the company, and to deny publicly the existence of any problem. All of this represents the interaction of unfair and deceitful and misleading between Facebook and its users which makes it a violation of the law of the Federal Trade Commission “. And not Facebook Inc. to respond to this complaint, officially, until now.


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