Facebook acquires service Vidpresso full crew

فيسبوك تستحوذ على خدمة Vidpresso بكامل طاقمها

Facebook is in a continuous race to exploit all opportunities to improve its performance, maintaining its leadership of the market of social networks, in this context, today announced the purchase service Vidpresso, the team work of the Office of 7 people.

Vidpresso is the location of the lab to provide live streaming services with high accuracy, and video interactive high-quality, and in this step the company strives to improve the services of the live broadcast in its position, by this service team and its high experience, in a race with YouTube and snapchat and twitter and others in this area, which is very important to attract the lovers of broadcasting via social media.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook has purchased service Vidpresso team, and take on the company as a whole, confirmed a spokesman for the company that customers and clients Vidpresso like KTXL, the Univisio, BuzzFeed, TED, NBC and others will continue to benefit from the service with the team under the umbrella of Facebook.

And tell Facebook about the financial terms of the transaction, the group Vidpresso about his passion to work with the network to communicate and to get to work more literally with the giant social networking in the shades offer greater potential, and to achieve tangible progress in record time.

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