Facebook allows administrators of pages to reply to messages Instagram from the Inbox on Facebook


Amid reports that Facebook is looking to unify the chat applications, it has allowed now to watch the page on Facebook reply to messages Instagram directly from the safety messages contained in the page. This would make it easier for them to communicate with their audience on both platforms of the two Facebook.

The announcement came in a press release during the summit of the Facebook Communities Summit which was attended by more than 400 community leaders at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park. The company announced a range of updates for their products to help them continue to build their communities on the social network most popular in the world.

Includes new features added additional tools for formatting posts and manage communities, such as how to inform a member when violation law. It was also the launch of a pilot program to allow communities and brands in collaboration, bring groups to subscribe for more partners.

In addition, the officials allow the pages now respond to messages Instagram from the fund of the incoming messages on their Facebook pages. This may be a starting point to promote the integration of Facebook services as the frequency in recent years. Logical network Facebook allow users to do this because it ensures to spend additional time on the Facebook website itself.


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