Facebook allows the application of the policy of European privacy for all users around the world



As you know that Facebook is forced to apply the standards for privacy of new users to the Europeans, but social network the elder went further, as they would provide all its users the possibility of use Privacy Policy European regardless of where they are or their nationality, this also applies to the Arab world.

Under the new procedures, the Facebook will ask all users to review privacy options in the account to know everything and by starting from the information developed at the expense of his privacy, whether to friends or the public access to how Facebook uses this data to target users with ads.

These will become the choices to European users first start of this week and gradually made available for all users around the world down to the day of 25 May as the date of application of the procedure the European new.

Was Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook has hinted that signing in support of the privacy options and control of the European countries to the whole world during the hearing in front of Congress.

This will provide the user options by which you can accept or manage the settings for collecting their data. This means that Facebook users will be asked if you wanted to share data about political views, religious and social relations in his personal file.

This procedure may seem a formality to some, but it is significant in Europe, where companies are subject to monetary fines are huge if you share users information with outside parties without its consent.

Also will ask Facebook users to allow or deny access Facebook on information and data from external sites to use in targeting ads. This means that all the sites that put buttons for Facebook collect data about Users and their social network.

In another context, the users in Europe and Canada will be able to accept or reputation management with facial recognition so that it will Facebook user if someone posted a photo or a video without his consent.


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