Facebook allows to hide the notifications and the largest bar in the shortcuts via the app

فيس بوك تتيح إخفاء الإشعارات وتحكم أكبر في شريط الاختصارات عبر التطبيق

Confirmed the social media platform Facebook launched for the new shortcut allows the user to control the notifications received from the funds liquidation of the subsidiary ” bar shortcuts” in their application on mobile phones, where the new feature is currently available for iOS that is provided in the coming weeks for Android.

Work new feature by prolonged pressure on any of the icons at the top of the main interface which protects the shopping center Marketplace tab Watch Videos, tab groups, etc., where the show sub-menu containing three options, namely turn off the notifications or remove the shortcut from the list and the last is to been Bar shortcuts.

Commented the spokesperson of the company this addendum is that Facebook has launched this feature to facilitate user access to the things that mean by cross check notifications received in a better way and thus follow his interests favorite by customizing these settings.

In general water is considered very useful, especially to receive notifications via Facebook of tabs we don’t care about a lot often such as notifications, the fact of the tab videos and other each according to his desire and thus reduce the momentum on the app.

On the other hand, the Facebook application hide the number of likes publications on Instagram in some states previously out of directing users to focus on the content displayed, where you test the water currently in the United States, while since the period of the abandonment of TAB Following which enables to track the movements of friends after causing his traces and negative on the users application and their relationships.



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