Facebook allows watch the live broadcast in new ways

With the world towards the work from home or at least quarantine, domestic mandatory, has become the video services and live streaming meetings video received a huge spike in usage, Facebook has the advantages of a new live streaming service available to a greater number of users.

The beginning launched Facebook status pictures just so that you can only allow images without photos to work in live broadcasting means for providing large volume of data consumed, especially when the live broadcast of someone speaking more important is the sound not the picture.

It also allowed Facebook to non-users, i.e. for those who have no Facebook account, the ability to watch the live broadcast so you don’t have to log in or even create an account.

And also allowed Facebook to publish a live broadcast outside of its platform over the phone so that it can be connected with my phone number is contact listen to the voice of the live broadcast.

As for those who wish to profit from a live broadcast, previously this was only available for searches of video games, today expanded Facebook circle covered by the act to include artists, museums, cultural items, and this is done also platform Twitch for live streaming.

And Pro for using tools and cameras professional, made Facebook important Direct broadcast easier by providing tools for the comments and even add text and other via feature live producer

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