Facebook announces 720 million Watch Movie Videos Watch monthly

The company said Facebook on Wednesday: the number of active users per month who watch videos in the video section its own Watch doubled since the month of last December.

Announced that the giant social networking us about new partnerships with media and international publishers in an attempt to spy on the video sharing site YouTube, which still consumes the lion’s share of the market watch the video online.

Facebook announces 720 million Watch Movie Videos Watch a month

Launched the Facebook section dedicated to the watch the video Watch all users around the world the end of last August, so about a year after its launch in the United States of America.

Now serving more than 720 million users at least monthly minutes in the video section, while serving more than 140 million users at least minutes daily. The average daily viewing users about 26 minutes. In comparison, the number of viewers day in the month of December the past 75 million.

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Besides the announcement doubled the number of users who watch video over the section of Watch, announced Facebook for the expansion of the service spacers ad own Ad Breaks to Canada, and five new languages.

Said Facebook: the number of pages which are used to ad breaks actively increased more than three-fold over the past year, the number of pages that earn more than $ 1,000 per month more than 8-fold, while the number of transactions that earn more than $ 10,000 per month more than 3 times.

Facebook announces 720 million Watch Movie Videos Watch a month


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