Facebook announces a new device for video calls

Facebook announced today for your video calls the new Smart Portal smart video calling device on the portal, which is a device supplementing the program with Alexa built-in, to help re-invent video chat… but with the track record of its own privacy, is this something you want?

Ostensibly, they are a really simple way for grandparents local to Facebook to see their grandchildren so quickly, the Facebook is a network designed to communicate between people, after all. It’s a revolutionary way for relatives to stay in touch with family members who can’t see him regularly. My grandma is checking Facebook every day to see how to grow her grandchildren..

A new way of Facebook to get the Internet Wi-Fi free in any place and at any time !

Allows you to smart camera Portal new possibility of communication via Messenger and share content and display images and notifications, where they look like video calls are impressive – you can move around the room during the talk and will be your camera – as they also have operations integrated with Spotify and Pandora and iHeartRadio and the network of Food and more things, so that you can share music or videos, and listen to it on the big screen massive.

It also has the advantages of privacy – where you can disable the camera and microphone click, just devices such as Amazon’s Echo, which allows you to do so. It is worth mentioning here that the position of the Facebook claim that it does not record the contents of calls, like any speaker, another smart, it listens to you only when you say, “Hey Portal”, or the formation of the features of Facebook, or “Alexa”, smarthome and other nurses.

Also that if you take a look at these actresses, you will it can easily compete with any smart screen, the other in the market. Where the starting price of $ 199 for the 10-inch and up to 349 USD with a huge screen compared to the 15.6-inch model Portal +. This is a great way to chat visual quality is very high on the screen that can be your relatives, the oldest clearly seen.

How to broadcast directly to YouTube or Facebook through your phone !

But you will to trade him? What about fertility problems?

  • Do you trust Facebook enough to put a smart device in your home?

I was on Facebook that thinks they know they were hacked, probably reached 50 million people, as they were forced to register 90 million people to solve the problem, and of course this comes after we found out that Facebook uses your phone number to target your ads — and there is no way at all to disable this part, so if you like it..

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People think already that Facebook listens to them through the microphone, and they are dissatisfied with ads that follow them online. Although Facebook does not listen effectively to the microphone, it only follows You in horrible ways, like tracking your phone’s location, other than the many ways, in addition to the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica whole.

Is going to prove really in Facebook, a company does not have a proven track record, and a smart device of making them in your house?

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Facebook announces a new device for video calls

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