Facebook announces changes to privacy settings to be explained to users

Anyone ever try to figure out the Settings menu of the Facebook knows it’s a hazy area. The Settings menu is superior to 20 different pages very difficult to navigate between them easily, and with due regard to the scandal of the Cambridge analytica side, the company is currently changing things for the better.

Announced Facebook about significant changes in the list of settings and how to access privacy settings. The first thing the company is doing is to simplify the Settings menu on smart phones, where it will be possible to access all the settings from one list, which means no need to navigate between pages.

The previous picture show the difference between the current settings and the settings will also be after the next update for comments. The new page looks so much better, where you will see a sub menu containing shortcuts the privacy of variety and more.

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Using tests of this Privacy Policy, you will be able to implement things like running authentication, which provides an additional layer of security to your account. You can also see the information that you shared like posts that interacted with her, and friend requests that you sent, and search history can delete it if you prefer.

Perhaps the biggest part of this update is a new feature called ‘access to information’, This is intended to give you easy access to posts and comments that you’ve made with the possibility to download and delete the data collected by you the company.

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