Facebook announces its new Portal TV flying for TVs

فيس بوك تعلن عن جهاز Portal TV محلق لأجهزة التلفاز Portal TV

Announced Facebook on its new Portal TV it is a device with a camera dedicated smart TVs support streaming services and conducting video chats and Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Where came the company’s announcement about Portal TV with two other similar two-Device Portal, which was launched by the company last year, the first screen 10 inches and the other one is MINI-screen 8-inch.

As for the main device was similar to the specifications leaked earlier, which we pointed out in the first of last August, so it looks like the price Microsoft is a joke in terms of external appearance and connects the TV via the HDMI port.

And the camera supports techniques Facebook multiple including tracking the user and his so that it always stays in the heart of the event during talks video via apps company.

With the provision of the company’s machine to disable the camera and microphone. on the way to the bar out on the front end لـPortal TV, thus Facebook might have spared itself the problems or the semi-futuristic violating the user’s privacy or leakage of information.

Including audio recordings that have already the company offered to criticism because the committee reviews human form, in order to improve the services that it offers, but it also provided the option to turn off the recordings from the Settings app as stated.

The mechanism of activation of the device

Conduct call after connect the device in screen and log in to your account you only need to wake-up the device to say ” Hey Portal”, and start the conversation after the identification of the person where the device can enjoy the effects of augmented reality both on the live image or the images which add an air of fun and humor, of course, on the large display screen which provides the participation of the family in the conversation also.

Also supports Portal TV many of the services broadcast content including Amazon Prime and Xu Tai and CBS All Access, with the provision of the device to feature an image inside the image to keep the user connected with friends as well as watching videos at the same time.

The company will begin in the Portal TV in the market on the fifth of November next at the price of $ 149, a campaign with a discount of up to $ 50 in the event that the consumer purchase a couple of organs with.

The desire of the Facebook competition more

Generally seek Facebook to increase the challenge in the field of household products through out the devices easy to use competing products from Google and Amazon, but as it is clear that it is still hard for her under the Apple in the right gear, and budgets provided by both companies in this area will benefit the continuation of the social network a try.


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