Facebook announces new features for video ads


Announced Facebook about the new features in its program advertising your advertising video containing the new labels of the videos that appear in the ads as well as allow more opportunities for advertisers video ads and even the system of care exclusive.

Beginning with the In-Stream Reserve which allows advertisers access to a large number of videos High Quality published by the particular pages selected by Facebook. Can through the payment of a fixed cost in advance to be via display advertising for the target audience. The company says that in the United States alone there are 100 million candidates for the emergence of advertising via several places such as the latest news, deals and watch Watch.

Now includes water classifications additional food news added to the definitions of the former as sports and fashion and beauty and entertainment, therefore any videos of these areas you can target their viewers through video advertising.

As for care, now advertisers can take care of some of the videos and programs exclusively and only in the United States Lima display their ads in the programs of the specific video of their choice.

Tell Facebook that its platform has enabled advertisers to reach segments of the younger users can’t easily accessed through television advertising traditional. Most of the 43% of Americans who watched video ads were between the ages of 18-34 years, which is higher than they advertised on TV. reaching 28%.

Analysing the results of advertising campaigns, there is a range of options to measure results in conjunction with research firm Nielsen.

It is worth mentioning that more than 400 million users watched at least one video of video-on-demand in the month, the average daily viewing average of 20 minutes for the viewer.

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