Facebook announces Oculus Link to confirm the verification of the fact in the future hand just

Facebook and within the annual conference, Oculus Connect 6 to and reality to reveal the advantage of the Oculus Link to connect the glasses to any device.

فيس بوك تعلن عن Oculus Link وتؤكد التحكم بنظارات الواقع مستقبلًا باليدين فقطFacebook announces Oculus Link to confirm the verification of the fact in the future by hand only

Announced a decoy Facebook and within the annual conference, to and fact, feature Oculus Link which allows users of the system, the Quest connected via USB – C with computers custom gaming to a different experience when you game Rift PC which need the support of the techniques actually being so. It will also allow access for Rift PC, thus converting the system of the Quest to the Rift with ease.

This step comes to provide a great addition for users of the glasses, where it’s priced at 400$ you will experience the enjoyment of using them in the several purposes.

Usually, the devices are intended to work separately or via other devices, but this update will review all forms.

Said Mark Zuckerberg gap, the CEO and founder of Facebook, that the glasses will work with most of the cadres USB-C, will be available starting from November.

On the same side, he confirmed that the founder of Facebook, to reality glasses developed by his company will allow users to control it via the movement of the hands only and without the need for any devices linked, comes an affirmation of their conversations that appeared yesterday addressed the possibility of taking the company a step similar after the acquisition of the technology company Neuro CTRL-labs.


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