Facebook announces the establishment of an independent board monitors the performance

Facebook announces the establishment of an independent board watching the performance

The company said Facebook on Tuesday: it will allow for external control new take final decisions on whether it can show the individual parts of the content on the social networking site, but the group will not be able to make changes in policy.

And the giant social media – which owns more than 2.4 million users per month – to remove the photos and videos is unacceptable, so after a lot of criticism about its failure in the fight against hate speech, bullying, and other content that violate the “community standards” for the site.

Intended domain is the type of the appeals panel from which users can appeal the decision of the company regarding questionable content. He (Mark Zuckerberg) – the CEO of the company – in the statement “it will be the council’s decision is binding, even if you agree with me or anyone else at Facebook”.

While the oversight board, the New won’t be able to put the policies of Facebook, the company will be required to respond publicly to any recommendations issued by the council. Said Facebook: it expect an announcement some members of the council by the end of the year, and the council decides to listen to the issues in the early 2020.

It will help some of first members of the council – who are likely to be their number between 11 and 40 members appointed full – on selection of new members. The public will also be able to submit candidates to the board through the gate of the recommendations.

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Will be able to both Facebook and its users from Provide issues and will take decisions by committees of five members and then sent to the rest of the council.

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