Facebook appoints Director of human rights policy soon to avoid violations

فيسبوك تُعيّن مديرًا لسياسات حقوق الإنسان قريبًا لتجنب الإنتهاكات

Announced Facebook in a completely different direction from the area of its operation, from the function on its network , requesting qualified for the Office of director of the human rights policies of assessment, being the company want to improve its policy and its work to promote the role of human rights and building a safe environment for all users.

As put by the company in the job description, the new director will be responsible for determining the company’s policies on human rights, and awareness of the company towards its work in this area to communicate between those who support it, will also be responsible for taking decisions on human rights violations on the network to close the offending accounts and the complaints of others.

In addition, the legal director will be responsible for representing the company in front of politicians, the makers of the laws, Human Rights bodies, civil society organizations, which means that the company is working to override the veto is not directly by finding this new home.

Was Facebook has faced considerable criticism because of its policy of unfair and try to deal with the accounts, the last one of which was about the participation of military leaders in Myanmar and close their accounts after a long period of complaints.

And anyone who believes in himself, able to fill a job, you must have experience of 12+ years, and has previously worked in conflict zones and the technical and familiar with terminology in this area, as you have to live areas that get in conflict and human rights abuses continuing, the next his ability to speak more than one language.

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