Facebook are subject to the due issue of the Cambridge analytica

On the background of the issue of Cambridge analytica the Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Open investigations with the company of Facebook to make sure abuses of personal data of users of the network contrary to the decree issued in the 2011 private private users .

The story began when the Company data analysis Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based obtaining the personal data of about 50 million users and analyze that data and use it to campaign for president Trump.

How’d the cops get this data?

It happened on the way to the application in the name of thisisyourdigitallife requires Facebook account to log in to, where the founder of the app named Alexander Kogan exploiting the number of registered large then collect data such as name, age and city and stuff that they like, then sell it to a company in Cambridge analytica to be targeted ads have contributed to the victory of President Trump the election.

After finding out it’s the Facebook ban the page company Cambridge Analytica, the company said same declaration in a formal statement in which she said she deleted all data received after that learned that their access to such data is a breach of the conditions of service of Facebook.

The case is still common where the shares of Facebook Inc. on Monday about 7% in the stock market amid demands from some members of the Senate in the presence of Mark Zuckerberg personally testify illustration and the Declaration of the European Union, his desire to investigate this issue which is in breach of the rights of citizens and their privacy .

In the midst of these events, everyone waits for the results of the investigation with Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission, in the case found the company guilty, it could cost them fines of up to thousands of dollars per day for each violation.


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