Facebook Ask feature of Your Time on Facebook to calculate the time you spend on Facebook!

More than three months since that promise, Facebook added a new feature to the social network application will allow users to control the amount of time they spend using the app daily.

And now according to TechCrunch you will not wait more to see the Facebook launches the feature “time on Facebook” or “Your Time on Facebook” globally, where the company began in the launch of this feature is already officially users around the world.

This feature is designed specifically to help get rid of addiction to Facebook, and enable users to manage social networks better, Where To You feature “time on Facebook” the new number of minutes spent in the application browsing Facebook every day during the past week, with average use, your also.

And don’t get this feature when calculating the time spent by the user on Facebook, but go beyond to what is more personalized, where the feature allows Your Time on Facebook users to place daily limits for usage, and gives them access to shortcuts and notifications, settings, News settings and request friendship. The user will receive reminders to stop using Facebook when you achieve the daily limit.

You will find the feature “time on Facebook” in the ‘more’ tab / setting and privacy in the application, but it may show all the users after the update will be up to the users to exchange phased in over time.

If you get the update tell us about your opinion in the comments with the screenshot.

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