Facebook banning accounts and pages belonging to the army of Myanmar on the background of crimes against the Muslim rohingya

فيسبوك تحظر حسابات وصفحات تابعة لجيش ميانمار على خلفية الجرائم ضد مسلمي الروهينغا

Who has not heard the terrible events and crimes against the Muslim rohingya? Committed by the government army of the Republic of Myanmar, located in the east of the Asian continent, where the crimes of murder, rape and the mass displacement of hundreds of thousands of Muslim minorities in Myanmar, resonated on social media with the beginning of 2014.

For Facebook today via her own blog, about being banned for nearly 18 personal account on the platform by the social leaders in the army, and 52 other page urges on the conflict decades, ethnic, and hatred technically killings against rohingya Muslims, and it was within the blocked Accounts page, armed forces commander Gen Aung hlaing, as well as health news official quality, and can not ignore the role of these pages that as long as the broadcast information is poisoned and factually incorrect against the rohingya Muslims to be the general opinion in the Genocide, and the world the truth distorted, throughout the years via Facebook also.

It was the United Nations condemned the earlier, the leadership of the military in Myanmar of crimes against humanity against the minority there, which constitutes the rohingya bigger ones.

She described the Facebook move by the parties regarding the recent actions in Myanmar, where it did not exceed the number of translators the content in Burmese at the beginning of the 2015 person of the two, bringing in this year’s 60 members, to be able to track hate speech and ethnic cleansing targeting the rohingya.

For any gal, even though she’s a step slow from Facebook, the proverb says better late than to never come, just facebook, the pages and accounts of the envelope was watched by approximately 13 million people.

The Facebook banning accounts and pages belonging to the army of Myanmar on the background of crimes against Muslim rohingyas appeared first on the tech world.

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