Facebook begins to send dark mode for users

All level applications in the inclusion of the dark mode (Dark Mode) perhaps Facebook is one of the most companies that are late in this matter! Since the Facebook app didn’t get the dark mode as well as the application of WhatsApp, this is unlike apps Instagram user that I got it for a very long time.

Today I started a Facebook finally choose dark mode and send it to the users and this as confirmed by the large number of users that across media platforms Reddit and Twitter, with the following vivid imagery:

On the other hand and within the phases of testing, got some users on dark mode, but in the form of a little weird! As the app was carrying a black color except the top which continued to keep the White, which is what made looking strange:

But in any case it’s certain, now, on the other hand, it’s dark in the testing phases also on WhatsApp! The leaked images of the shape and design which is also what assures us coming soon:

Source: AndroidPolice

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