Facebook begins to test one of the benefits of Instagram that come titled Popular Photos

Use the company Facebook page to bring one of the nurses that’s famous for the application of Instagram to the Facebook app, which displays the most popular images on the Facebook platform, on the to come new feature called “Popular Photos”.

The application displays the Facebook picture of a miniature set of suggested videos to the user when watching the video in full screen mode, I have confirmed report that this feature offers in-app also for the most popular proposed to the users.

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Users can now click on one of the images in the Facebook app, and move to full-screen mode in the display, which comes with a black background, but this feature does not allow users now scroll to the bottom, but with the advantage of Popular New Photos will allow users to scroll down to view pictures most the problems proposed on the Facebook platform.

I know this feature is in the application of Instagram in the feed, and working Facebook to deduct the annotations on the photo after 65 characters.

From another side confirmed the company’s Facebook page on completion of the test feature Popular Photos willing to pay its users, but that the company did not clarify its schedule to push the water in a specific neighborhood now.


I know of

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