Facebook brings stickers to collect donations for the charities Add icon to donate on Instagram

The Facebook launched new features on the platform and her head brought poster contributions to allow the icon to collect donations in Instagram.

فيس بوك تجلب ملصق جمع التبرعات للقصة وتتيح للمؤسسات الخيرية إضافة أيقونة للتبرعات على إنستجرام

The company announced Facebook announced the launch of three new benefits to collect donations on the platform of its various consists in the providing icon of the charities and societies to put them on account of their platform Instagram to collect the money directly, the poster is a new fundraiser on the story in Facebook, as well as a feature to raise money during the live broadcast of the games on the same platform for charitable purposes.

And speaking of the icon of Instagram in the beginning, they icon similar to the one available in the accounts of the institutions and companies to the area and phone numbers, you’ll be next to the icon of the phone number or communicate once the pressure on them will send donations, so after that it was limited to the demand of money through a special sticker in the story appears for only 24 hours.

As for the main “Facebook” is the water availability of the poster collecting donations within the story, a feature available to enter previously.

In the other the opportunity to collect donations during the broadcast of the games for charitable purposes, by selecting a campaign and start collecting donations.

Looks like Facebook is determined to make the platform its a perfect place to collect donations and money for different purposes level a large number of users.

As to having a platform that number of active users represents a golden opportunity for the stakeholders to start collecting money via her various purposes.


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