Facebook built a tool SapFix supported artificial intelligence to correct the code code automatically

فيسبوك تبني أداة SapFix المدعمة بالذكاء الاصطناعي لتصحيح الشيفرات البرمجية تلقائياً

Work on a huge platform such as Facebook activates by hundreds of millions of photos and comments as well as the operations of other services provided by the organization every day, the need for constant monitoring to correct errors the software is super fast and the efficacy of Tam, and to maintain the workflow properly, so a girl Facebook tool software intelligently artificial can scan the code and identify the errors in automatically with providing the best solutions for engineers programming in how to deal with them as stated in the conference of the engineers of the company.

In this way, Facebook has provided time on its engineers in the mechanism of COPE and try to discover the vacation of the software from the beginning, so also do the process of correcting errors that have been found in record time, and Facebook the launch of this gadget is the community of Engineers, where is a step towards automating the error correcting code.

Designed a new tool SapFix to work individually or with a scan tool Smart built Facebook previously Sapienz, has said that the team of developers at Facebook that this is an important milestone in the process of hybridization of artificial intelligence are also presented clear evidence of the ability of software engineering research-based to reduce friction and controversy in the development of the software.

Is considered connected to the company for such tools is very important in terms of providing time in solving such errors automatically, think of other problems still need solutions, and don’t forget also that these tools will enable software teams to modest of access to product software more robust, but no doubt of interest to large companies will be greater.

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