Facebook called the Apple elite club

Apple with all its calm the current leader is regularly in the center of some scandal. While it is not necessary that the cause of the confrontation was a conflict of interest or violation of patents of one of the parties. Sometimes it happens so that the Tim cook makes a very unambiguous statement, accusing competitors in the trade data of its users and other sins. But such attacks seldom go unanswered.

This spring, Tim cook issued a public statement in which criticized the activities of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, openjaw him for his dismissive attitude toward user data. According to cook, this approach is unacceptable for small startups or for big companies, as in this case violated users ‘ right to privacy, which is so important in the 21st century. That’s only in Facebook, not only did not accept the claims and filed their own.

Facebook vs Apple

“Facebook is free for all users, said Nick Clegg, the head of the Department of external relations Facebook. Some technology companies make money selling expensive equipment or services, and in some cases both. So they create an elite club, access to which is open only to the rich. But not in the case of Facebook. Facebook is not about VIP access. Facebook is equally available as a student from Guatemala, a farmer from the Midwest and the taxi driver from Berlin, and the office worker from Mumbai and startups of Nairobi”.

Despite the fact that Clegg did not specify who he has in mind, it is clear that this speech was addressed to Apple. After all, she does what sells appliances at prices above average, but at the same time earn by selling subscriptions to their services, the audience which is formed of the owners of branded devices. The result is access to many services Apple from the man, which must buy at least the iPod to join the club.

What are you paying for when buying Apple

Facebook is not the first company that has accused Apple in the formation of a private club for the rich. In late spring, a similar opinion was expressed by the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai. He said that Apple, which made privacy in the VIP-the goods supplied are no better companies that sell user data. Due to the fact that buy Apple products, not everyone can, lost all the value of protective mechanisms used in its devices.

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