Facebook canceled its apps preinstalled on Huawei devices the future!

A continuation of the consequences of the US ban on Huawei, use Facebook to withdraw its support for Huawei’s future, not to allow the preinstall to its various applications – Facebook and Instagram, and Messenger and WhatsApp – on devices to the Chinese company next.

فيسبوك تلغي توافر تطبيقاتها مسبقاً على أجهزة هواوي

Facebook canceled its apps preinstalled on Huawei devices

Comes this news according to the latest reports Reuters, which confirmed the compliance of Facebook’s decision to ban U.S. to cease its support for the future and join Facebook to Google, Intel and Ko you, who announced the ban on Huawei earlier.

Will not be affected by the current mobile phone to this resolution where it will continue to receive all the updates that you get the apps owned by Facebook. But is expected to come to phones Huawei, which has not been released yet and did not leave the factory without the mentioned services pre-loaded on them, which are usually the users of Huawei phones current when the device is used for the first time.

May be this resolution, the negative impact on the giant Chinese industry may not be if the user can download those apps on his phone from the Google Play Store later if it’s not banned is the other, if at all we hope you find the Huawei solution to this crisis as soon as possible.

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