Facebook challenge mechanism arranged comments to improve the public conversations

The company announced Facebook on Friday announced the launch of a new update to its network social; it aims to improve the classification of comments and publications the General Assembly and installed through the use of a number of factors; identify the comments that should be given priority in emerge.

Said the giant social networking of America, in a publication on her blog: “we are always working to ensure that people spend the time wholesome on Facebook. One of the ways we do it: the composition, which promote meaningful talks, by showing the publication of comments that are most relevant to users”.

Facebook challenge mechanism arranged comments to improve the public conversations

The company added: “We have today an update to determine the order of comments on public posts, and we want to make it clear how this works, how can the health of individuals and control settings arranged their comments”.

And Facebook – which owns the largest social trading network in the world, with more than 2.3 million users – that the system of arrangement is necessary for the publications of people and pages, which possess many of the stores, which helps users find the talks meaningful, from among the hundreds of comments are useful.

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While many of the publications on Facebook don’t get enough comments to make the arrangement necessary, only that the new system may be as important to celebrities, famous brands, and the other, people who they usually get hundreds of comments on publications. And many of these comments is usually just a reference to other users, emoticons, emoji, and tags, and other public personalities, is interesting.

Said Facebook: she’s working on improving the ranking of comments on public posts, given (signals) multiple; to achieve being the commentary quality, and its importance when determining the ranking, including how the interaction of other users with the comment.

The signals that regulate Facebook include: signs of conflict, and what people want to see in the comments, and how people interact with comments, and the possibility of verification comments publications.

Explained Facebook that the mechanism for ranking priority will be given to the comments “Fair”, which don’t try to catch the interaction of the users, and the comments that people want to see it according to surveys conducted by the company, and the comments that are in more detail by the users.


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