Facebook changed its logo

The company revealed Facebook on Monday for a new design of its logo in an attempt to use it in other applications that you own, such as: the application of my instant messaging , WhatsApp, andMessenger, and the application share the photo in Instagram, and the virtual reality focus.

Said the giant American technology in a publication on her blog: “I started Facebook as a single application. And now after 15 years, we offer a range of products that help people connect with their friends, and their families, finding community, and business development”.

The new logo that he uses the big letters to write the name of the company FACEBOOK, as it uses a new font, as the logo that appears in a contrasting colour reflects the colours of services and applications owned by Facebook, such as the color purple flowing instead, Green WhatsApp, and blue light to OpenVPN.

Said Facebook – which owns the largest social trading network in the world with more than 2.45 million users active monthly, 1.62 million energetic users a day – also said: “over the coming weeks, we will begin to use the new brand in our product and our marketing, including the website of the new company.”

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Published Facebook photographs showing how you will use the new logo in services, instead of the words (from Facebook) – written one, now would be the word “of” then the new logo in a color that suits the service, such as the Color Purple service Instagram.

Facebook started in the month of last June to add the word “Facebook” to the service that owns them. It is reported that the founder of Facebook, and its CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) are not satisfied with let that I got a Facebook because of The possess, instead, the and WhatsApp.

Said Facebook in its publication: “People should know the companies that make the products they use. Our services include the main Facebook app, and the elderly, the Instead, the and WhatsApp, the focus, the museum, the port, the calibre. These applications and techniques in a common infrastructure for years and the difference that run through her works frequently”.

Facebook changed its logo to confirm its ownership of WhatsApp instead of Facebook changed its logo to confirm its ownership of WhatsApp instead

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